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The Comparison Table

International and Russian Standards, Test Plans Catalogue and the PC-program "New Plans"

Compared characteristic IS IEC 61124 GOST 27.402-95 Test Plans Catalogue PC-program "New Plans"
Total number of test plans 18 61 About 1500 Unlimited. More then 2000 in the data base
Number of test plans types 2 4 4 4
Number of test plans truncation levels (for the maximum accumulated test time) 1 2 2 Unlimited
Number of test plans for a single initial data set 2 5 (4,3) 5 (4,3) Up to 15
Test plans accuracy Inaccurate Accurate to three digits after the point Accurate to four digits after the point The user chooses the level of accuracy. In the data base accuracy is to six digits after the point (programís limit)
Number of parameters that characterize the optimal test plans 1 2 2 2
Account of specific test conditions Absent (test conditions must be adjusted in accordance with the test plan, not on the contrary as it should be done) Mean High Full (the test plan is choose in the best way in accordance with the specific test conditions)
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