Test Plans for
Reliability Control & Reliability Demonstration

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Test plan
Test plans types
Test plans efficiency
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Standard and Standardization
The Comparison Table


Expressing a screen
  • NewPl1 - Initial data Enter and Data base View
  • NewPl2 - Data base for Initial data single set
  • NewPl3 - Comparison of four test plans
  • NewPl4 - Test plans boundaries - Table of values
  • NewPl5 - Mean average test time - Graphics
  • NewPl6 - Mean average test time - Table of values
  • NewPl7 - Operative characteristic - Graphics
  • NewPl8 - Operative characteristic - Table of values
  • NewPl9 - Calculation of a new test plan - Start
  • NewPl10 - Calculation of a new test plan - one of the intermediate steps
  • NewPl11 - The new test plan
  • NewPl12 - Counting a new test plan in the Data base
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