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PC-program "New Plans"

PC-program  New Plans , version 1.0, 1998 (Windows® 95, 10MB HDD) provides the optimal test plans.

It's a new type of a Standard developed on the basis of up-to-date information technologies.

The program permits to:

  • choose test plans from the data base and compare them;
  • calculate new test plans;
  • input test plans to the data base and delete test plans from the data base (management of the data base);
  • print test plans in a standard form.

The data base of the Program contains more then 2000 test plans for 400 various combinations of initial data.

The program is intended for enterprises that develop, produce, supply, test and operate products of many technology types.

The program is an excellent instrument to study test plans features and can be used in scientific research, as an educational aid for universities, at training and professional skills upgrading courses, as well as for development of Standards and normative documents.


It implements a special accurate method for test plans calculation and a user-friendly interface.

The following versions of the program are provided:

  • with the minimal data base (94 test plans);
  • with the minimal data base and training;
  • with the full data base (more then 2000 test plans);
  • with the full data base and training.

Training permits to quickly acquire skill in finding optimal test plans from the knowledge of their features.

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